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Election Day is here!

Vote for Ken Dixon for Rancho Santa Margarita City Council!

Our city has been in the hands of a narrow group of like-minded people for years. 

It's time to elect someone who will truly represent all of the people of Rancho Santa Margarita. 

Ken Dixon has made a career of caring for the learning and success of people as a professional training consultant for over 28 years. His success is built on listening to the needs of the people he serves to arrive at the best solutions in a collaborative way. This isn’t always easy when you have differing opinions, but he has found that differences often lead to better solutions when all sides have a voice.

Ken Dixon will:

  • Work to include YOUR voice in the decisions made for the city. The best outcomes are a result of hearing from a diverse group of community members, not just those who think the same way and live in the same part of the city.

  • Spend city money in a way that brings the most benefit to the residents and will never support wasteful spending such as decorative lamppost covers during a pandemic.

  • Keep Rancho Santa Margarita moving forward by supporting green energy choices and expanding access to electric vehicle charging stations.

  • Work to enhance pedestrian, bike & e-bike safety throughout our city.

  • Support our local businesses and never put them at risk by rezoning our thriving shopping centers to include housing.  

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