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Iranian American Democrats of California logoIADC is delighted to support the Campaign of KEN DIXON for RSM City Council. — Iranian-American Democrats of California

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logo for Planned Parenthood Community Action Fund of Orange and San Bernadino CountiesKen Dixon is a champion for equality and reproductive rights and will stand with us to protect unfettered access to birth control, abortion, and the right to control our reproductive lives. — Planned Parenthood Community Action Fund of Orange and San Bernadino Counties

"Ken will be an excellent representation of All the People." — Dr. Mike Mooney
Teacher at Trabuco Hills High School

He genuinely cares about making sure there's broader representation on the council. He's kind, loves this community, and is excited to serve. I will be voting for Ken Dixon and ONLY Ken Dixon. Those other candidates will get plenty of votes. I think Ken Dixon-only votes are honestly the only way to get a new voice in there. I actually really like the way this city is run on most municipal issues. But a monolith of thinking is NOT good for anyone. Time to give a seat to another point of view. It will ONLY help the discussion. — Melanie Jacobson

As a young person and someone incredibly involved in politics, he is the best city council candidate we have had. We don't need more of the same, incumbents who have held the office for 20 years and corrupt people who have continuously done nothing about issues such as affordable housing. As a student, if I didn't live with my parents I wouldn't be able to live here. He is an inspiration. As a member of some important groups, it is unfortunate I couldn't give him a grooup endorsement . My dad who aside from voting is mostly apolitical has actually gotten involved and told 3 people to vote for Ken. This is inspirational. — Sean Hartnett
Political organizer

Ken Dixon has my support and my vote. Our small town needs more transparency. Having the same people making all the decisions, year after year, with no say from most of the population in here worries me. Our incumbents seem cut from the same cloth, all voting the same, with no challenge, ever. Times are changing, our youth is becoming more open minded, and we need someone who will be more up to date and more inclusive. I can't thank Ken enough for stepping up to the plate — Nina Mehrnouche

After meeting Ken and asking lots of questions-I can confidently say that I am giving him my full endorsement for RSM City Council. Ken believes in our city, wants to keep it safe for EVERYONE and strongly advocates for making a community available for people throughout a spectrum of income levels. As a registered nurse living in RSM for 25 years-I feel it is very important that we have a council member looking to maintain our community by keeping open spaces, wisely selecting businesses to avoid the cookie cutter mentality, spending money wisely (no to expensive city signage!)and listening to the residents. Vote Ken!! — Karen Mooney
Catherine Blakespear
Mayor of Encinitas

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